Service your equipment at GLDC!

We have everything you need for the perfect dive!  We offer every service you could want, brought to you by top technicians who have the experience and knowledge to make sure you are ready for your dives!  We have invested in top of the line equipment to service your gear and have a talented staff that is worth more than they know!  With the best service prices, quickest turnaround times, and top technicians, you're in the best hands here!  If you're not local, don't hesitate to ship us your equipment and receive the same top shelf local dive shop service you deserve!

Equipment Service Pricing


Gas Fills

Air Fill $10
Air Fill - High Pressure (3442 PSI) $12
Helium $3.50/cf
Oxygen Fills $0.70/cf
40cf Enriched Air Fill - Up to 40% $15
80cf Enriched Air Fill - Up to 40% $18
100cf Enriched Air Fill - Up to 40% $22
120cf Enriched Air Fill - Up to 40% $26
Enriched Air Fills - Above 40% Call for Quote
Other Enriched Air Fills - Up to 40% Call for Quote


Regulator Services

1st Stage Annual Service $40.00 (plus parts)
2nd Stage Annual Service $40.00 (plus parts)
Alternate Inflator Annual Service $40.00 (plus parts)
Regulator Annual Inspection and Cleaning $25.00
Cleaning $15


BCD Services

Cleaning $25
Cleaning, Inspection & Service $40.00 (plus parts)


Cylinder Services

Annual Visual Inspection for Air $15 (plus fill)
Annual Visual Inspection for Nitrox - O2 Clean $20.00 (plus fill)
Hydrostatic Test Package $60
Tank Tumbling $50
Nitrox Tank Setup $15.00 (plus fill & parts)
Valve Servicing $25.00 (plus parts)
Oxygen Cleaning (regulator or cylinder) Does not include service work. $49.00


Misc. Services

Rush Fee (any service needed faster than two weeks) $50
Dry Suit Annual Service or Repairs Call for Quote