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Drysuit Diver

Drysuit diving opens up a world of opportunities, including diving remote Arctic destinations and exploring cold-water dive sites teeming with life. Dry suit diving also keeps you warm on multi-dive days when you do not want to spend your time getting in and out of a cold wetsuit. The SSI Dry Suit Diving specialty program is the best way to become a dry suit diver and teaches you all the knowledge and techniques you need to dive safely and comfortably in a dry suit.

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The SSI Dry Suit Diving specialty program is the perfect way to expand your diving horizons and take on new adventures in the chilly waters of the Great Lakes. With a dry suit, you can explore the depths of shipwreck sites in comfort and discover the unique beauty of cold-water diving.


During the program, you'll learn all the necessary knowledge and techniques to dive safely and comfortably in a dry suit. You'll become familiar with dry suits and learn how to control your buoyancy and adjust your weighting for optimal comfort and safety. You'll also practice emergency skills, including how to manage a dry suit failure and handle a dry suit buoyancy emergency. During the SSI Dry Suit Diving specialty program, you will learn about the different types of dry suits available and how to choose the right one for your diving needs. You'll also learn proper maintenance techniques to ensure your dry suit remains in good condition for future dives.


With your newfound dry suit diving skills, you'll have the freedom to explore new dive sites and expand your diving capabilities. The Great Lakes are home to some of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, and dry suit diving is the key to unlocking these underwater treasures.



Experience: Open Water Diver and above

Minimum Age: 10 years

Academic sessions: 6

Confined water sessions: 1

Open water sessions: 2



Please Note 

To participate you will be required to fill out the SSI Medical Statement. If any of the items on the Medical Statement apply to you, you must consult a physician prior to Recreational Scuba Diving participation. Your physician must complete and sign the Medical Statement and be sure to bring a copy with you as we will require it for our records. 


What's Included:

  • SSI Drysuit Diver Materials
  • Scuba Equipment Rental; Drysuit
  • Weights and Tanks
  • Confined Water Training
  • Open water training dives
  • Certification Fees

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